Multimodal Transportation

Water, Road, Rail, Air


The Victoria Barge Canal is a 35 mile long waterway that connects the Turning Basin in Victoria to the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway (GIWW). The distribution advantage of the canal is its link with the GIWW and the major shipping lines that service ports on the Texas coast. The GIWW not only links the Gulf Coast from Brownsville, Texas, to Apalachee Bay, Florida, but also the Mississippi River, Ohio River and their connecting canals and river basins. This links Victoria to Minneapolis/St. Paul, Chicago and the Great Lakes, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Knoxville, Tennessee to mention only a few locations on the 26,000 mile Inland Waterway system. Barge Canal – 35 miles from Gulf Intracoastal Waterway. Channel depth of 12′ +3′ and a channel width of 125′.


The Port is connected by four-lane divided highways to all major arteries in South Texas: US 59 (Future NAFTA I-69), US 77 and US 87. Our location also offers easy access to I-10, I-35 and I-37. This network connects Victoria to neighboring cities and to all parts of the United States, Mexico and Canada. Click here to see a map connecting Victoria to major South Texas highways. There are 19 trucking companies in the area, consisting of 10 motor freight, 7 heavy hauling and 2 liquid or dry bulk carriers.


The Port of Victoria Industrial Park is serviced by Union Pacific and BNSF.


The Victoria Regional Airport is located 13 miles from the Port of Victoria and is serviced by Texas Sky Airlines which connects Victoria to Austin and Dallas DFW for state, national and international travel. Service is planned for Houston and Del Rio. The airport can also readily satisfy business requirements. Other important aviation-related services and equipment include: on-site fire department, state-of-the-art runway signage and lighting, fuel service and AvGas, rental cars, aircraft storage and two on-site restaurants.

Please go to for reservations, or see the Victoria Regional Airport website for more information.